Screw You, I Don't Follow Standards - I Can Turn Passion To A Living Without Asking For Assitance

So fucking tired of everyone that talks shit about me especially when it’s a teacher I looked up to and managed to get an A in the class. I’m graduating with advanced honors and going to college out of state for free. I don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks anymore. High school is a joke. I’m just glad I won’t be living in it for another year

Bruh. I swear to god my bus driver racist as fuck. It’s pouring down raining and the white nigga drove past the stop sign ( my stop has about 7 black kids and 2 whites ones ) and stopped in front of my white friends house so they could be closer and not have to walk as far. On god my nigga we was in a line right by the stop sign and he passed us up. On god he do that bullshit everyday. And when they not coming outside he stop 3 houses away from the stop sign to make us walk.

I swear to god if I get one more white person who asks how to say my last name only to tell me they’re saying it right and I’m saying it wrong I will rip their hair out and drag their bodies across the school parking lot. MY LAST MAME IS NOT A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE

My dad just came down to my room with my phone bill in his hand yelling “HOW IS THIS SO EXPENSIVE?! YOU DON’T HAVE FRIENDS!!”


Okay so I quickly made this (I’m new) . My name is Nathan , I’m 17 in one month , I redoubled my second year , I played in a football club, I play defensive midfielder short short short … and I’m fetish female feet . Unfortunately, I never really had the opportunity to lick the feet or do anything the same style.
So I told you one of my stories , please tell me if I ‘m normal or not … of course, I feel very good , I have absolutely no worries, I am very sociable, I have rather a body athlete etc, I have no reason to reproach me something ..
Well then , there about a week, while I was waiting for the bus alone ( it was an ordinary day of court ), a woman of about 23 to 24 years came to me asked me if I lit a lighter to his cigarette. I simply replied that I was the kind of guy that do not drink , do not smoke .. she looked at me and said with a smile: “It’s really become rare the man like that but I like it .” I smiled back and put my headphones. Simple description: She had an extra skinny jeans with more than beautiful buttocks, black heels about 15 cm which married perfectly with his black jeans and a white top tight enough . It was brown makeup nicely with sunglasses, the Italian genre. Short guess what? Instead I focused on her breasts or buttocks, I stared at her heels with big eyes … I put myself behind her pretending to send a sms . We were alone, it was about 18h . My eyes went from her ass to her feet , I was terribly excited . The suddenly she turned , I nearly had a heart attack but I just managed diverted my gaze. She : “You also take the bus from 6:04 p.m. ? ” I said nodding , smiling stupidly. She smiled again and sat off. I do not follow , I preferred calmed me in my corner. 4 minutes later, the bus arrived and I made ​​sure to sit behind it (I was in the penultimate row) . In short we were the only one in the bus and I thought his feet, I dreamed that I was trying to lick . Olalala I was terribly excited … While I was doing movies, she looked outside . AND I do not know what came over me, but quietly , I slipped under his seat pheasants exceeded the top of my head. ( I was lying on my back, I bent my knees up ) . She was sitting with crossed legs , PERFECT ! I stared at his heel and began to gently suck … My cock was stuck in my jeans , it hurt but I did not move . Once the heel end , I began to lick the plate. I did not realize the situation , I did that to someone I ‘ve never seen before … And then she quickly changed position , suddenly she stomped my head. It was a disaster. Of course, she hurried to see where his foot stumbled and guess who was with the air con ? Me. She looked shocked and asked me to get up. While I was performing , I wondered what the future held for me … So there I was standing and she asked me to come and sit beside her . I took my bag and went to join her. I stared at the front seat , I was just DEAD shame. A minute passed , both now and nothing happened . She bent down and took her shoes , she turned around and saw my work on one but nothing on the other. She asked with a smile on jokingly : ” You could have washed my second as ” Er … I stared like ’ I can do it right now ’ but she understood me very well and say something that chilled me: ” Come to me , I live 2 stops away , you can finish the job and get a little more.” Then there was the world upside down , you can believe me! Since I knew what to say to accept this offer in gold, I just say yes I head again … I took my laptop and told my parents that I go much later than usual. I have not dared to do anything during the trip. The finished path she ordered me to follow and kept my eyes on her buttocks . This surprised me coming from a woman who looked rather nice , it had become somewhat ” authoritarian ” … Me as I hab , I told him nodded and followed her. While we walked , she would express to hit the ass for me excited benefit (there was a big bump on my jeans but there was no one except us on the road) . Once arrived home, she told me to go put my stuff in his room at the top and once I ‘m done , to join her underpants down . Once in shorts , I took the stairs down and I saw shorty briefs .. she truly perfect ass! She asked me if I was ready to lick his feet without heels this time and of course I said yes ! Before started, she advised me going under the sofa so as to be placed on the bus so she could raise me licked his fingers pieds.Une Once in position, she placed her perfect feet on my head, I could feel , it was paradise . She was watching TV and suddenly say to me: “If you do good work, get more .” I stopped wasting time and I took the heel assault with my tongue. I have never experienced so much fun doing something. 10 minutes later she asked me if I could concentrate only on the toe , put them all in my mouth. I gladly accepted and she advised me to hit me a little to raise envy. 30 minutes later, she ordered me to stop and asked me: “If I suggest you be my chair, you agree ? ” . Me ” You do what you want with me, I am ready for anything .” So she told me to lie on the couch. While I placed myself , she went to seek powerful enough to scotch tied my hands and feet. I was not very convinced but she reassured me by saying that if she sees that I feel like it touches me in my place and she made me understand that she wanted ‘m excited to the point of losing control etc … In short, she tied me and she pulled her panties to put me in the mouth and told me to stay quiet . Finally, it scotcha my mouth and stopped me . She gave my rules : “You ‘re buttocks sense throughout the film, I stopped you because now , it’s simple Be you remain calm and you can smell the odor coming from my anus, I am . suffocates you. I made “yes” eyes and she tried on me by spreading her ass . it was heavy enough but I loved it , I adored the smell. she put her feet on my penis , j ’ was in another world, it was the dream . the film is finished, she stood up , took everything he had on me and removed her panties in my mouth. she asked me if I liked and if I was ready to go back I just told him . ” This is when you want, we could exchanged numbers ? ” She ” yes ” to the head with a beautiful smile and there I came to understand that my life had changed.

Anonymous said: you'll find someone once you stop looking for them . if you constantly look for the 'perfect girl' or 'your girl' you'll never find her.

Who said I was looking

its a horrible time in the pussy game to be a white boy because all girls want that black/latino dick :/ like white girls are crazy now All they do is twerk & date Black/Hispanic men now i feel bad for white boys thank god im not one……but if you’re trying to get a job, not get follow around in a store, or not get racially profiled by the police and society then is a great time to be a white boy :

just something i want to get off of my chest (personal)
sorry for anyone who reads this and finds it dreadfully uninteresting. but idk, i just kind of want to share it with someone?
i just deleted my facebook. and i know that’s not drastic or anything, but i deleted it because i don’t post or talk to anyone. i graduated high school last year, didn’t take the sat’s, don’t have any plans for college. i didn’t really make any friends all throughout school. i had some friends, but just friends that i would talk to in class. i only have two that i keep in touch with (kind of, they’re both always busy) and they were actually friends that i made when i was in elementary school.
and although i haven’t really made on friends on simblr, i just wanted to say that it has significantly improved my life (lol don’t judge me). you are all people that share the love of sims and you’re all so funny and so talented and i get so happy and excited to get on tumblr each day and see what all of you have posted. and i don’t know if any of you will actually read this entire thing lol but thank you guys for existing.

I saw someone fly backwards off a treadmill today and I was laughing so hard I fell off the crosstrainer which made the girl next to me laugh so hard that she slipped off hers and it was 7:30 in the morning and there were just 3 of us sitting on the floor of the gym crying with laughter and in varying degrees of pain

While I was out today, I saw an old van for sale on the side of the road. I thought, “I bet I could live in that and be fine. I’d have my phone for internet and all phone duties, I could watch movies on a laptop (which I actually did for years before I had a TV), buy battery operated fans/heaters, have back up batteries for computer and phone, I could keep a cooler and shower at friends’ or my parents’ house.” As you can tell, I don’t mean being broke and “homeless”, but rather choosing a different kind of home, so to speak. The only problem would be never being able to invite people over, haha! But, I honestly live on so little that I really think I’d be perfectly content living in a car, saving money not having to pay rent or utilities. It’s an interesting thought, at least.

So… what do you think?

Could you live in a car and be content?

Why or why not?

No girl lets me talk to her at all , so I can never get a convo with a woman . Whether I’m trying to hit on them or not ( I have very low standards because I’m bottom trash of males ) . I’ve seen men who are afraid of women but they are good looking and I see women chasing him no matter how much he avoids them and never speaks one word . I’ve seen unattractive people who seem happy with their lives get called “annoying guy who thinks he is too good” . Even a few questions on this site , girls answer if there is no initial attraction , then confidence doesn’t matter , and since my ugly face doesn’t will never attract anyone , should I give up 2 years of wasting time at the gym , should I give up trying to be social , should I give up on hoping that some girl might be desperate enough to date me ? I’m getting suicidal thoughts and I can’t take it anymore . Does it matter ?

I met a girl last night, she was so perfect the type that would make me think it was so worth it and I was talking to myself just to build courage like I’m a kid again, thinking why did I rehearse it
got acquainted with a little bit of interaction and I’m feeling ecstatic
been thinking about her, she been on my mind like all the time but I gotta stay on the grind casually we would talk and she attracted me actually she would act to me, I like her personality

today we had a lock down drill and one kid in my class said “these are so stupid if someone really wanted to kill us they would pull the fire alarm so we would all leave the building in a big crowd and then they could just shoot us all” not sure if he is very smart or very dangerous

why does ‘liking someone’ have to be this big secret?

why doesn’t everyone in the world just make it really clear?

why can’t we make t-shirts with the names of who we crush on?

why don’t we throw pianos at people and yell HELLO YOU ARE VERY ATTRACTIVE