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“The light of day will be the dark of night
Black clouds will come, no sun in sight
Where shadows are, my life will stay
For warmth is miles and miles away
As streets are empty and much abandoned
Everyone else still has a companion
In this world, so cruel and depressed
All that I am is such a mess
And then I walk across the block
of where my fingers were once locked 
with those of one that was once here
in distant days of just last year
He is the tears that fall from my eyes
He is the meaning that’s in his goodbye
No longer words will utter about
In darkened silence, I’ve lost my mouth
As I am trapped in this sea of troubles
Every hour, my sadness just doubles
He was my life, my cherished dream
Together, we were a team
He was a gift, found unexpectedly
It was not for me, such tragedy
Yet for a moment, I wanted to try
Only to have found a box of lies
Though time with him was a vignette
Not a day I see that I could forget
He was once the smiles upon my face
And the home I had in his embrace
But now the sun has lost its war
Its flames have died just after four
And his love for me will never be
As I was never as good as she”

“How could I forget you
After all this time
How could I never knew
That you would never be mine
Whenever I looked into your eyes
I could not help it but to smile
And when you asked, I could not lie
I’d give my answer in awhile
But now it’s all too late
The time has come to this day
When fate can no longer wait
We will now go separate ways

And as we say goodbyes
I put on a different show
But when you left, I died
‘Cause now you’ll never know
Now you’re gone
I’m all alone
Sorrow falls from my eyes
Can’t move on
I’m on my own
Beneath this lonesome sky
In my memories you are clear
I see your smile, your troubled frown
Every time I know you’re near
All my senses come around
Now I miss you everyday
In my mind I see your face
If only time could just delay
Losing you, I’ve lost my place
There is nothing I can do
In my mind there’s no more space
If only I could be with you”

This woman came through my line today and started complaining about her period and all the women around her joined and then I said “Thanks Obama” and every one of them was like THIS MAN GETS IT

Listen to a song that makes you happy. Here are some options. One. Two. Three. Four. Feel like dancing? Then get up and dance. If you feel really inspired, make a happy music playlist. Share it with your friends

"I am colour blind" Excuse you! I do not have the luxury to be colour blind. I am constantly reminded that I am a woman of colour. So please sit your ignorant ass down.

Hello everyone, first blog ever.


Hello there,

Have you ever felt so distant and unimportant? That was pretty much me all of high school. But luckily to 3 friends I survived it all, the drama the tears the pain & of course the so called “heartbreaks”. So let’s take it back to where it all began. I was that little girl that never…

The thing is we share similar experiences I grew up in a black community but I honestly was barely exposed to colourism. However after learning a lot more about it I just find it a bit frustrating when people say things like “we’re all beautiful it doesn’t matter” because we really need to be looking deeply into colourism. Like there’s a lot of things that need to happen before statements like “we are all beautiful” will hold any significant meaning. Do you understand where I’m coming from?

Typical deflection excuse logic of white people I’d like to debunk:

…Yep. Like how people should forget about 9/11, Columbine and mass shootings of schools and movie theaters and elementary schools? Like how people should forget about every other national tragedies that the social media has ever made “#NeverForget” reminders and memorabilia about? Or that maybe after 200 years, black people who’s ancestors have built this country on their backs and have made major contributions to the history of this country and the WORLD for little to no compensation or proper RECOGNITION for? Or how blacks still had to go through segregation, poor schooling and living conditions, lynching, and still go through unjust treatment and racism today. I agree that many blacks should not use their abused history as an excuse, but many white people either fail to see or admit to the after effects of slavery which there are many. Like how you people are experts on when Africans went from being owned to being completely liberated and treated equal in simple flip of a switch. Never mind that had it truly been 200 years ago, that’d mean that some of their great-grandparents were alive during the time and I’m sure they should get over being enslaved.


Hey, you maybe right. Absolutely right. You and maybe your ancestors have never owned slaves. But that doesn’t mean that your ancestors or YOU have never benefited from the institutionalized slavery and systematic racism in this country. That does not mean that America’s social structure was created to benefit whites. And guess who is disadvantaged by it? You guessed it…blacks living in America. How can they move on if there are still so many problems that people of color face on a day to day basis? They are still the minority and still unjustly treated. And even though blacks today were never slaves, they can still feel the after effects of slavery. Which of many include
-The poor portrayal and misrepresentation throughout society and today’s media, film, entertainment, etc…
-The disunion of African-American family, the mindset of many African Americans, 
-The lighter-skinned/darker-skinned African American feuds,
-The economic condition of African Americans,
-The unfamiliarity of African roots.

There’s many more I could go on about but this comment is already long as hell.


Ohhhhh boy. I love this deflection excuse even though it has LITTLE truth to it. Matter of fact, not only Africans “owned slaves”, but slavery way a way of civilization back in those times. There is a HUGE difference between chattel slavery and indentured servitude. Africans tribes who warred with other African tribes had indentured servants. These servants or “slaves” were prisoners of other warring tribes, crime or debt. These servants could work their way out of debt, to achieve freedom, marry out of servitude. American chattel slave-trade/slavery was MORE brutal with permanent effects and people of African descent had their culture and humanity stripped from them. And just because African tribe leaders sold slaves doesn’t mean that the Europeans had to buy them on a systematic level. Just research the African Diaspora… And many African groups has had very rich history and culture that has influenced the ancient world but you never see that in text books.

slavery is a very important subject. Respect it or don’t say nothing at all.

here’s an idea: don’t argue with poc or lgbt+ peeps about how something shouldn’t be offensive to them if you’re cis/het/white bc all the knowledge you may have gathered online cannot and does not give you an inside scoop to the oppression they face daily. by arguing with them all you’re doing in invalidating their feelings and being an ass

White people: so you’re mexican, right?
me: no… I’m puerto rican.
white people: so… mexican. its all the same thing.
me: so you’re white, right?
white people: uhg no im .3% german 5% italian 50% irish 39.7% scottish


to the days where i realized i was nothing more than a child 
in the skin of an adult, holding her future in hands 
that could never properly close
to the days when i woke up and wondered if vodka 
was the same thing as a nutritious breakfast, 
to the days here i skipped breakfast 
and instead filled myself 
with every bad word i could think of, using letters
like cauterization machines to burn out the fact i was hungry
to the days i woke up with new scabs from the night before 
with blood covering the sides of my thighs and 
a scream trapped in my throat
to the days i kicked myself awake from dreams where i died 
and couldn’t tell if i was sad or happy 
that it was all an illusion
to the days where the words “i love you” 
felt like an insult directed towards my numbness 
because despite the one thousand reaffirmations that 
i was the center of a boy’s universe, my brain coughed
up each syllable until they felt like razors
to the days when coming home from school meant wondering
if i should just step out into traffic - to the road 
where i would have ended
to the days where when the sickness got so bad and no one
noticed i was drowning, where i began to wonder if i no longer
possessed a soul but instead had a colony of termites and dry rot
resting in the hollow bones behind my eyes:
you have not won.
i am alive.

i’m drinking tea. do you even know what tea is? you probably don’t, you uncultured swine. now listen up fuckers, i’m gonna tell you a little something about tea. let me tell you about it. you listening, motherfuckers? i’m going to tell you a thing or two about tea. now listen up. liste

i’m so hungry, but i can’t buy any food because i spent every last dime i had on my Farmville account. it was so worth it though, my farm is immaculate

Simon says stop! Simon says drop! okay, roll! haha! i didn’t say Simon says! hey! stop! i don’t care if you’re on fire you’re not supposed to roll until i say Simon says! ugh, this is why i don’t play games with you anymore

and here’s a picture of me being sad in front of the Eiffel Tower, and here’s a picture of me being sad at the beach, and here’s a picture of me being sad while holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and here’s a