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the whole “if tumblr can get someone a fluffy chicken” thing is still being used on fandom posts about kickstarters and things like that and i am NOT SURE a lot of those people realize that the only reason the fluffy chicken post got to 100k+ notes is because people were changing the picture of the fluffy chicken to furry porn and sonic the hedgehog in a diaper

I don’t feel as if i love my fiancee?

I do love her but i feel as if i only like the physical aspect of her which is sex, cuddling and making out. I don’t mind going out on dates but their is just no spark in our realtionship anymore. I like the girl i am having an affair with more than her. She is 18 and is from London. I enjoy going on dates with her and enjoy sex with her 10 times more than my fiancee. My fiancee has cheated on me several times already. And i feel as if i dont love her anymore. the only reason i like her is sex and that is it. Basically i am just using her for sex. Should i leace my fiancee please help me

Who dare to take the retarded test?

OK since you are here I assume you think you can pass this test? Well let’s see what you got. Answer the questions to yourself if you don’t want to put the answer down publically. And then tell me what was the first question I asked you.


1. What color is your hair?

2. What country do you live in?

3 Are you female or male?

4. What is your height?

5. Did you go to school and where?

6. What type of music do you like?

7. 4 + 4 = what?

OK let’s see if you can pass this test.

What was the first question you were asked?

Anonymous said: I dont get why some girls r so rude sometimea. 1) as a girl myself, if i didnt want to give out my number id just say so. Not give a fake number?! And 2) that girl obviously doesn't practice what she preaches... how hypocritical

So then why dnt you give me your number

Are women who stay in abusive relationships weak?

I think so.

1) They failed to identify the red flags of abusive behavior.

2) They were easily manipulated by sweet talk, which proves that they aren’t that smart to begin with.

3) These women haven’t accomplish anything in their lives so their sense of validation is based on being with another man, thus they don’t have to mental fortitude to leave.

4) If the abuse is severe, they can call the police, family, friends, neighbors etc, but they refuse to do so.

5)99.9% of the time, they for some sick reason are reluctant to leave because of they say…”I still love him” . . I rest my case, there is nothing to be said when they throw those words out after all that abuse. Pathetic.

Attractive ladies, Do YOU find black men attractive?

Hey guys, i love honesty so be as honest as you can. i don’t care about the race you are, but your opinion. and for the women who are going to say ” i don’t find black men attractive” please save it. no need for racism here. I’m a black man and i would have to be a FOOL to say i didn’t find white women, Asian , latin etc women attractive. Hey could you also do me another favor? tell me what you like specifically about us. haha thanks! @

This happened in the span of two days.

Day 1: I met this girl in my enrollment center. We were both waiting so I started talking about her classes and all. I went really well. I was making her laugh and giving her helpful tips about the school. She said she didn’t even have a friend on campus, so I figured we could trade numbers and I could help her get comfortable at the school. She said okay, but then I text her a little while later and it was a fake number. I have no idea what I did wrong there.

Day 2: I had gotten another girl’s number and had been talking to her for a day. Things were going really well and we were getting along. We had some common interests and seemed compatible. Then she started dropping hints about her faith. I’m not a believer, but I don’t hold it against those who are. Anyway, I politely dodged these hints until she brought it right to the forefront. At this point, I had to respectfully tell her that, while I respect her belief, she had to respect mine as well. We had a short discussion in which she said she hated when guys stopped talking to her because of her faith and I told her I had no intention of doing that — we’d just have to agree to disagree. Eventually she told me she couldn’t see us being friends because of the difference in our beliefs. The hypocrisy!

These are just the experiences I’ve had over the last two days, but I’ve had a lifetime of experience tell me girls are absolutely insane. Have I lived a life of misfortune or is this really the way of things?

I’m a black guy and I think latina women are very gorgeous and I do like the way how they carry themselves and how they treat there man. Plus i really like latin culture I watch the Spanish television show almost everyday and I am taking Spanish class at my college. But I notice that not many latina women date black men I happen to see more of them dating white guys and I never found 1 that liked me. But I am a nice i work out a lot and I’m about 5’10 plus I am honorable to others and I would like to get to know you and your family.


Watch Amiri Baraka’s famous piece "Somebody Blew Up America" in response to 9/11.

Rest in Power brother Baraka. You were a voice for the voiceless.

Read this piece called “Somebody Blew Up Poetry" in response to Baraka’s.

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This might seem like an odd book request but I’m looking for a book about a girl that’s lonely, like socially isolated. There are literally trillions of books written and I’m sure there are several like that. And it has to be Fiction like young adult fiction, perhaps it’ll most likely be under Romance genre.

Does anyone know of any books with a story like that?

Just watch the commercials, TV and movies. Seems very OK to treat men as fools, yet replace the character with a black vs white and now the characterisation is considered racist.

Do you believe the hype?

Studies say that women cheat more than men?

Recent studies report that women actually are the heavyweights of cheating. Simply put, it’s said that women cheat on their spouse more often than men do. And worse, women seem to be better cheaters than men.

Yet, guys are more than likely to be labeled by women as noncommittal or untrustworthy. To be fair, it has been said that guilty people scream the loudest… hmm.

Anyway, in your opinion, who cheats more in relationships, men or women? Why?

Anonymous said: Dont let this girl get you down. Shes aware of how you felt/feel about her so its her loss. Try your best to move on because soon she'll realise she missed out


What should I do? Girls and guys help me out?

The girl whom I once asked out after being friends for like 2 months and being rejected by her, I was trying a lot to deal with it and move on as she didn’t wanted to be friends any more coz she didd’t had the same feelings for me. I didn’t question her at that time and we had no contact for 5 months but recently after my approach we are not awkward anymore and we talked about what happened and that my feeligns were really strong for her but I felt really bad to lose her friendship.I felt really great after opening my heart out in front of her which i couldn’t last time as all that happened over phone as we were not able to meet.She is graduating from my university this summer and it’s her last month as final exams are going on right now.I messaged her a day before that I will be moving out too as I got accepted in a really prestigious institution.She congratulated me and we had a really short but sweet conversation which we never had for months. I want to ask her out for coffee as friends before she and I leave after the summer. She thinks I am a perfect guy but she doesn’t feel the same for me but I really did felt a strong connection then when I asked her out and even now when we are not close friends anymore. We both know we have to make a career and we do respect each other a lot and I really didn’t try to convince her or ask her questions whether she ever liked me.I will miss her a lot and I am still in love with her and I am realy happy that we are not awkward anymore but I texted her yesterday and she didn’t replied.I did waited but I just think that she might not want to talk or might be busy but anyways what should I do now. I just want her to confess her feelings for me before she leaves but really even if she doesn’t I want to be in contact with her as I really care for her.I will be busy with my studies and so will she but girls please help me out as I know it’s hard to let go but I want it to be a happy one.

Anonymous said: & i am a white female, by the way.

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